Suntory sesamin EX (30days )

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Suntory sesamin EX (30days )

"It is recommended for you like this ・Those who are concerned about physical strength and physical condition ・Those who are concerned about beauty ・Those who want to maintain youthfulness"

Sesamine is a rare health ingredient that contains less than 1% of a grain of sesame seeds, elucidated by Suntory's work through more than 30 years of research. Therefore, just eating sesame seeds as it is can't supplement sesamine efficiently. So we were particular about the technology of extracting sesamine from sesame seeds so that we could take sesamine efficiently. The rare health ingredient Sesamin is tightly condensed one by one to support the ability to maintain youthfulness.

Contents 90 tablets (about 30 days supply) / 270 tablets (about 90 days supply)

3 tablets per day.

※Please refer to the estimated amount per day and use it carefully so as not to take too much.


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