DHC vitamin E

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DHC vitamin E
DHC vitamin E

DHC's "Natural Vitamin E [Soybean]" contains 301.5 mg per day of natural d-α-tocopherol, the most active vitamin E in the body. It is a recommended supplement to those who care about rustling, cold · worrisome, people who tend to lack green-yellow vegetables, those who want to spend their mature age in health.

Vitamin E is commonly referred to as "rejuvenating vitamins", and it is said to be useful for measures against muddiness and coldness, as well as beauty care measures. Because it is contained in pumpkin, nuts, fat and oils a lot, those who are on diet who are concerned about calories are particularly tend to be deficient.

For youthful health, we recommend supplementing with a handy supplement.

※ Please enjoy with lukewarm water.

※ Because this product uses natural materials, there may be slight differences in color tone. This is because there is no adjustment of color, there is no problem with ingredient content and quality.

※ 1 tablet per day (morning or night)

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