Jelly for taking medicine 200g

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Jelly for taking medicine 200g
Jelly for taking medicine 200g

Precautions for use

○ As this product is intended for swallowing assistance, please supplement the water as necessary. Generally, it is necessary for one cup of water to be able to absorb medicines inside the body.

○ Because of the constitution and physical condition of the person who is to be drunk, tummy may become loose, so please be careful when drinking too much. ○ Because of the nature of jelly, some moisture comes out. After unpacking, please use after throwing away water first.

○ If you mix with medicines such as antibiotics, color may change or bitterness may increase. (In that case we recommend chocolate taste)

● Encapsulate medicines with jelly to make drinking easier.

● You can swallow it without losing your hands.

● Multiple medicines can be taken at once.

● Mask the taste and odor of drugs firmly.

● Easily soluble drugs can be taken without discomfort.

● Type that does not affect medicines.

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