Ryukakusan powder 16 sachets (Peach)

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Ryukakusan powder 16 sachets (Peach)

It is a medicine that relieves discomfort in that throat. Anytime, anywhere, because it is a granule type that can be taken without water, herbal ingredients are directly applied to the affected area I will use it.

One stick pack is for one adult, but for anyone from a 3 year old child Can be used.

It's mint acts directly on the mucosa of the throat to demonstrate its effect. If you pour into the stomach with water, the effect will be weak, so please drink without water. 

Please take the following amount without water. Please keep the interval of 2 hours or more.

[Age] Adult (15 years old and over) [1 dose] 1 capsule (6 times per day)

[Age] 11 years old and under 15 years old [1 dose] 2/3 capsule (6 times per day)

[Age] 7 years old and under 11 years old [1 dose] 1/2 capsule(6 times per day)

[Age] 3 years old and under 7 years old [1 dose] 1/3 capsule (6 times per day)

[Age] Under 3 years [1 dose] Do not take 

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