Stomatitis patch A 10sheets

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Stomatitis patch A 10sheets
Stomatitis patch A 10sheets

Stomatitis patch Taisho A is a "treatment" stomatitis / glossitis remedy. Excellent adherence in the oral cavity It has power, firmly covers the affected part from the stimulus, and the ingredients act sustainably.


Please adhere to the affected area mucosa 1 to 4 times a day once a day on the affected area. * Please do not use this drug for infants under 5 years old.

(1) Please adhere strictly to the prescribed dosage and dose.

(2) This product will not dissolve. It will peel naturally over time. (Please do not forcefully remove it)

(3) Do not take this medicine because it is an oral mucosal patch.

(4) If you want to use it for children aged 5 or older, use them under guidance and supervision of parents.

(5) For use with children, there is a risk of peeling off with fingers after application, be careful.

(6) If you inadvertently use it, it may not adhere, so read the usage instructions carefully Please use it correctly.

(7) Throw away what you peeled off, do not swallow it.

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